• One location or multiple locations
  • remote access – work from home, trade shows, sales people, satellite offices
  • wired, wireless, point to point, VPN, fiber security, access, shared resources, off-site backups SSL VPN, IPSEC

Mobility is necessary in today’s market

  • Today, your office and your network are where you are: at home, at the airport, at a café.
  • Customers, partners and contractors need access to your business from anywhere.

Telecommuting is a reality now because of reliable secure remote access, wider access to broadband Internet, new collaborative applications, and the popularity of PDAs and smart phones, as well as heightened public awareness of global warming and the original push from employees seeking better balance between their work and family lives. Trends in both business and technology are increasingly making telecommuting a reality.

Protect your network from uncertainties ranging from natural disasters, pandemics and terrorism to fires, power outages and hard drive crashes can threaten to disrupt network access.

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Security protects proits and investments

Reducing Total Cost of Security Ownership

securityAdvanced Computer Systems is committed to improving the performance and productivity of businesses by engineering the cost out of building and running secure networks by intelligently selecting solutions that provide the greatest overall value, while retaining the utmost security and performance.

The total cost of security

  • Initial price of solution
  • Operational performance
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing management costs

Changing work habits and data center technologies have destroyed the enterprise perimeter as traditionally conceived.

  • End-node-centered security
  • Desktop-centric Server-centric
  • Network security addressing defense at every network port
  • Identity not related to network location can unify all security tools
  • Providing the underpinning of policy-driven access control everywhere.

The new center of enterprise IT security efforts everywhere –

  • every device
  • connection
  • application user is the now at the center.

Assessing Business Continuity Solutions Ensuring the uninterrupted operation of businesses is an issue of increasing importance not just for large enterprises but for medium and small organizations as well. More than ever before, highly available security solutions are a key business asset that not only protects data, but also helps a company grow by increasing employee productivity and mobility. File #: 7423321 Call us now to improve your security at (608) 754-1991

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